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This is very exciting! I have a total sense of the intelligence at work with Intention Healing. I have been working on healing something that is a deep issue for me for a long time. I connected to the Stream of Consciousness and I did have results! As I said, it’s a deep issue but this was the fastest – and gentlest – I’ve ever gone through. Thank you for bringing this into teaching.

~ KK, Hilton, NY

I’ve been attending healing sessions with Cathy and the difference in how I feel is tremendous, both physically and emotionally! The level of back pain was a constant 10 for years and now there are days with NO PAIN!! She’s also taught me how food affects my body and how to forgive. I continue treatments with her knowing I will be completely healed. Thank you Cathy!

~ BS, Rochester, NY

Cathy’s classes have helped me so much! The Intention Healing Class has shown me how to get to the bottom of issues that are deeply hidden, allowing me to see things clearly and then release them. Cathy is so very kind and patient and always willing to help when things are not understood. Her knowledge and life experiences give her a deeper understanding of things going on in other people’s lives. Class time spent with Cathy is always fun and exhilarating. I have never felt judged or criticized by her, making me feel comfortable and able to trust her with my issues. It is my belief that Cathy can help us through our lives of many challenges and help us to see our own shining star within.

~KP, Ontario, NY

Cathy’s Intention Healing course began transforming my life even before the class was completed. I began intention work on my fused ankle which has given me considerable pain since my accident and surgery 25 years ago. During my stay in Pittsford, Cathy and I went on 3 hikes where I walked 7 miles total. That is a miracle to me, especially since that time I have had almost no pain! I am also more grounded and peaceful than I have ever been. This is truly a gift to heal all that has held me back from my Divine potential! Thank you SOOOOOO much! I cannot describe the immense gratitude I feel for the gift that you have shared with me. It’s TRULY transforming my life!!

~JH, Summit, UT

Since the Intention Healing attunement, I have felt different mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a wonderful feeling and it is with me throughout my day. I work with people who are addicted (older adults specifically) and while working with them, I send an Intention Healing mentally to them without telling them. And I don’t know if the difference is perceived through the difference in my presence or if the energy is connecting to them in some aspect, but there is something that is changing. I believe that your work and this Intention Healing will help many people who suffer from drug addiction. I am excited!

~DR, Rochester , NY

Cathy is a very gifted and inspiring teacher. I have found the information in her Intention Healing classes to be easy to understand and work with. As an Energy Healer, I know how important it is to heal myself first so that I can be a clearer channel of healing energy for others. And Intention Healing allows me to do just that. Cathy also offers ongoing training and support for her students as they work with this wonderful Stream of Consciousness and light centered healing energy. If you feel called to work on your own healing and be the best you can be, I highly recommend Cathy’s classes!

~Kathy Manikowski, Energy Healer and Teacher, Farmington, NY

Thanks for a great Intention Healing class! I burned my face this morning with the curling iron and used the Intention Healing on it. The pain went away instantly. It’s still a little red, but it feels great. I’ve been working on my husband’s knee and that is getting better, too. I am very excited about this and am looking forward to Levels 2, 3 and beyond.

~JM, Fairport, NY

I am very impressed with Intention Healing! It has totally changed how I do any of the healing modalities that I’m attuned to or trained in! When I connect with the Stream of Consciousness, I don’t have any particular feelings – no buzzing, tingling, vibration and that’s absolutely fine. I’m perfectly comfortable with trusting the energy. What I do feel, though, is that after I connect with the energy, I have a real sense of my intention being supercharged. Afterward, I have an actual sense of completion, an absolute knowingness that whatever I intended is done. It’s fast and effective. I’ve had great results with Reiki, IET, Regeneration, Shadows Be Gone, aligning and clearing chakras. I’m getting deep, restful sleep for the first time since I went through menopause

~KK, Hilton, NY

Cathy Higgins has put together a program that is on the leading edge of our current awareness. It is Simple and Easy. Our part is to listen, then practice and change some of our habits.
At first you might think Cathy and her Intention Healing program is a little outside of the box. Well, it is and it is time for us to step outside of what is not really working well for us and focus on our current situation and future health. Remember, 30 years ago many people were not interested in being involved in Yoga and you know where that is today.
Cathy’s class is very clear, concise, informative and useful. The booklet and CD she provides, along with her class, are professional and easy to follow. I have been to many, many personal growth workshops over the years and rank hers right up in the top. This is a wonderful and simple process that all should learn.

~Ray Justice, Entrepreneur, Rochester, NY

Cathy Higgins is a spiritually gifted teacher, healer and intuitive. Her ability to reach high levels of awareness and vibration give her access to the highest levels of healing light and techniques. As a practitioner, she is comforting, honoring and sensitive. I recommend Cathy to any and all who wish to heal and grow on all levels.

~MC, Canandaigua, NY

Intention Healing is a stream of intelligent consciousness that attunes our human consciousness resonance within our infinite unity of Divine intelligence. In Cathy’s level one class, I experienced the frequencies of this consciousness as highly coherent, loving, and creative light. As humanity awakens and evolves to our true self and full capabilities in the Light, Intention Healing is a valuable vehicle to more easily anchor in and expand this consciousness within humanity. It is a powerful gift of support as we continue to develop the fullness of our interior consciousness technologies of healing and intentional creativity. I highly recommend Cathy’s Intention Healing classes to immerse yourself in these consciousness frequencies as we evolve to a higher dimensional humanity on Earth.

~PB Jr, Pittsford, NY

I recommend Cathy’s upcoming Intention Healing trainings. I’ve received some similar information and I know the true value of what is emerging for humanity.

~Shad Diamond, Metaphysical Teacher and Healer, Buffalo, NY

I am sure of only one thing. I got to Cathy’s Intention Healing Class by Divine intervention! Intention Healing is of the Divine and works with you to heal yourself. It enables you to look deeply at yourself and make discoveries about yourself that transforms negative feelings to positive thoughts and feelings. For example: when the feeling of being obligated to do something is transformed into the feeling of free will, love and grace, it not only transforms you, but also has a direct positive effect on your relationships. The process is a daily commitment but is definitely worth the results: contentment, confidence and peacefulness!

~MAP, Mendon, NY

If you are called to take a class with Cathy, know that you are ready for a change in the way you see yourself and the world around you. Cathy is very dedicated to helping others help themselves. She not only gives you tools to see opportunities within you to change and expand your thoughts and behaviors, but teaches you how to use these tools so you are an active participant and facilitator in your own empowerment and well- being. When used properly, these tools will change the way you see yourself and the way you relate and view the world. Your life will not be the same!

~NM, Myrtle Beach, SC

Intention Healing has worked so well for me that it has become a daily part of my life! I’ve used it to quickly alleviate stomach distress and headaches on myself as well as using it on my pets. Intention Healing also had amazing effects when I used it on my cousin’s knees; her pain is gone and she can once again jump on her trampoline! This is a wonderful healing method that everyone should learn!

~JB, Henrietta, NY

Thank you for yesterday’s class!  It’s so inspiring hearing everyone’s stories of Intention Healing’s effects on their lives.  I was finding myself in the thick of some difficult emotional situations on a regular basis and nothing was helping until I used the Shadow Process.  It was the missing link for me and has helped me get to the root of my problems.  By using this process more and more, I find it has lightened my load and reduced the baggage that I am carrying around which feels great!  Thank you, Cathy, for all you do for our class and beyond!

~Deena, Rochester, NY

The Shadow Workshop Classes, monthly study groups, are so helpful because the information Cathy shares gets re-explained and clarified as needed. The questions from others show that it’s okay to be exactly where we are with the shadow work process. And the feedback from others shows how effective shadow work is in healing ourselves. Both are empowering and uplifting.

~Rose O, Rochester, NY

I am so grateful that you are offering the monthly Intention Healing/Shadow Workshops.  Having been introduced to the Intention Healing work four years ago, I find that it takes practice, practice and some more practice to really integrate Intention Healing into our lives.  Using the 3 intentions daily is easy, but working on the shadow process truly takes a lot of practice.  The monthly sessions allow each of us the opportunity to practice more, while being guided in the process.  Your insights and guidance are so helpful.  The monthly sessions have made a major difference in my implementation and use of the Intention Healing.  It is really the exact format that is needed to help us make the most of Intention Healing and to move forward on our own healing journey.   Thanks for offering this easily accessible, comfortable and enjoyable way to further our Intention Healing success!!

~LV, Honeoye Falls, NY


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