In order to achieve perfect health, there are 5 steps that are necessary.


All 5 steps are important and must be engaged in practice to return your body to a state of perfect balance.

Here are the 5 steps in order of importance:

  • Release the suppressed emotions from your body. This is the most important action you can take and is something I teach in the Intention Healing Class.

  • Improve your diet. Eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables, wild caught fish, grass fed meats and good fats. Try not to eat things from packages, boxes or cans. Eliminate wheat and sugar from your diet. When you eat this way, you will not feel hungry or have cravings or feel the need for snacks. The nutrition you receive from eating whole foods will make your body feel incredible!

  • Sleep. Your body repairs itself at night when you are sleeping. 6-9 hours works wonders for replenishing your body.

  • Do some movement or exercise everyday, especially with things you already love to do like dance or play pickleball or tai chi.  Walking is easy and is something that everyone can do.  Add in some weight bearing activities, too.

  • Limit your exposure to chemicals. Yes, the world is full of chemicals, but clear your own space. Use air filters, water filters, green cleaning products, and organic personal products. By clearing your own space and body of chemicals, you become stronger and can withstand the chemical exposures you cannot avoid out in the world.


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