About IH

The Intention Healing Method uses 5th Dimension technologies to heal the body, release limiting patterns engaged by the body over many lifetimes, and transform the body to higher dimensions of living. It presents you with all the tools necessary for changing your life. You will find by taking this class how much your awareness increases, your focus is intensified, and your attitude shifts. You will discover you can heal yourself in ways you did not think were ever possible. The Intention Healing Method is a powerful healing system that uplevels your body physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so you are able to actualize and experience the you that you were always meant to be.

About Cathy

Cathy Higgins is a retired teacher living in the Rochester, NY area and has always had an interest in alternative medicine.  Her father was a medical doctor who treated her family with homeopathy.  Thus, from a very young age she was exposed to the wonderful benefits of energy medicine.

Cathy has extensive trainings in a variety of healing methods.   She is the founder of Fifth Dimension Healing, the founder and Master Facilitator of Intention Healing,  Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki Master and  Zero Point Healing/Regeneration Facilitator.  She is also skilled in Reconnective Healing, PSYCH-K, Healing Codes, Emotion Codes, Quantum Jumping, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Spiritual Healing.  Cathy is a Certified Herbalist and holds a Level 2 Certification in Advanced Holistic Wellness and Spiritual Psychology.

Having spent decades upgrading her skills with numerous advanced level courses, workshops and conferences, Cathy enjoys sharing this knowledge with others.  She has been a teacher all her life and is very experienced at disseminating information to those wanting to be the best they can be.  She feels a real passion for her work along with a deep respect for the innate intelligence of the body.  Let her work with you to awaken your inner wisdom and promote the self-healing process.


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