Are you looking for a way to heal yourself? Are you ready to move to a higher level of existence, the Fifth Dimension? Are you wanting to experience joy, abundance and peace? Then consider Intention Healing to elevate your life in ways you cannot yet imagine!


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KK, Hilton, NY

This is very exciting!  I have a total sense of the intelligence at work with Intention Healing.  I have been working on healing something that is a deep issue for me for a long time. I connected to the Stream of Consciousness and I did have results!  As I said, it’s a deep issue but this was the fastest – and gentlest – I’ve ever gone through.  Thank you for bringing this into teaching. 

BS, Rochester, NY

I’ve been attending healing sessions with Cathy and the difference in how I feel is tremendous, both physically and emotionally! The level of back pain was a constant 10 for years and now there are days with NO PAIN!! She’s also taught me how food affects my body and how to forgive. I continue treatments with her knowing I will be completely healed. Thank you Cathy!

KP, Ontario, NY

Cathy’s classes have helped me so much! The Intention Healing Class has shown me how to get to the bottom of issues that are deeply hidden, allowing me to see things clearly and then release them. Cathy is so very kind and patient and always willing to help when things are not understood. Her knowledge and life experiences give her a deeper understanding of things going on in other people’s lives. Class time spent with Cathy is always fun and exhilarating. I have never felt judged or criticized by her, making me feel comfortable and able to trust her with my issues. It is my belief that Cathy can help us through our lives of many challenges and help us to see our own shining star within.

JB, Henrietta, NY

Intention Healing has worked so well for me that it has become a daily part of my life! I’ve used it to quickly alleviate stomach distress and headaches on myself as well as using it on my pets. Intention Healing also had amazing effects when I used it on my cousin’s knees; her pain is gone and she can once again jump on her trampoline! This is a wonderful healing method that everyone should learn!

~Shad Diamond, Metaphysical Teacher and Healer, Buffalo, NY

I recommend Cathy’s upcoming Intention Healing trainings. I’ve received some similar information and I know the true value of what is emerging for humanity.


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