Cathy works with clients using One Touch Healing, the final phase of Intention Healing, using the Divine Stream of Consciousness to transform the limiting beliefs, emotions, and experiences which are the root causes of pains and diseases in the physical body.  She then helps the client look at these issues, understand and learn the wisdom from them, as well as teach the client a simple process to transform them. With this approach, the body is now open to healing itself fully and returning to balance.

Intention Healing sessions are done on a massage table, fully clothed, following a discussion of the client’s health concerns.   All healing sessions with Cathy require the client to be a participant in his own healing and it is all done with the client feeling perfectly comfortable and at ease during the process.  Greater health, vitality, and peace will come into the client’s life.

In most cases, only one healing session is necessary and is custom designed to meet the needs of the client.  All sessions are $100 and can also be done as Distance Healing via phone or Skype.  These sessions are the same in every respect as sessions done in person.  Distance healing does not require you to physically be near Cathy, because she is able to connect with you from anywhere.

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