The Intention Healing Method including Fifth Dimension Healing is one of the foremost healing methods available at this time.  Intention Healing is Divine, extremely intelligent, and empowers your body to heal itself. You do not need any knowledge of medicine or healing or what it is that is causing your pain or illness.  The Intention Healing Stream of Consciousness does it all and is very easily accessed by all those attuned to it.

It works by setting a healing intention through this Stream of Consciousness which then heals the body energetically.  Setting intentions through the Stream of Consciousness increases the power of all intentions by 50%.  The physical body appropriately responds by quickly healing itself.  Any limiting beliefs, emotions, or experiences when addressed are transformed to light so the total body can be healed.

In addition, healing yourself using this method will undoubtedly cause wonderful and positive changes in you!  For instance, your awareness of yourself, others and all things around you will increase,  your heart will open allowing you to experience more love and feel it more deeply, your consciousness will be raised, and your ability to access information will be easier.  You will now be able to actualize and experience the you that you were always meant to be.